About Community Partners Health Plans

About Community Partners Health Plans

Connecting employers with the right providers and coverage of competitive insurance solutions for their employees.

Finding the right healthcare plan for your employees is a daunting task for employers. Finding the network or networks that are best for you or your organization is never easy for providers. That’s where Community Partners Health Plans (CPHP) comes in.

At CPHP, we make the connections between employers, insurance companies, and healthcare providers to create the best and most accessible health plans possible for employees/patients. Then we use our superior claims administration and reporting capabilities to build and maintain strong, successful relationships between employers and providers.

Our Services

  • Eligbility Management
  • Plan Provisioning
  • Claims Payment
  • Reporting
  • Provider Network
  • Utilization Review Organizations
  • Provider Management
  • Re-pricing
  • Premium Billing
  • Customer Service
  • Reinsurance
  • Pharmancy Benefit Administration

The CPHP Formula

Through CPHP, employers enjoy the highest quality health plans and excellent service thanks to the unique CPHP formula. 

A vital component of the CPHP formula is our healthcare provider network. By keeping our providers directly involved in the process, they are able to assist with patient access, cost containment, and plan design. 

Add to that CPHP’s industry-leading claims adjudication and advanced reporting capability, and you have CPHP’s formula for better healthcare access.

Community Partners Health Plans